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The last dive of our recent NDSAC Club trip to Plymouth was the wreck of the Poulmic, a French transport ship, blown up by a parachute sea mine. 

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The Poulmic had been in Plymouth when France surrendered. Taken over by the Royal Navy, she was manned by the Free French forces. On October 6th, 1940 she was sweeping for mines outside Plymouth Sound when she struck a mine herself.

Drifting off the wreck a little way, I found this little bottle with pieces of crockery under a rocky ledge. 10cm tall, 5 ½ cm diameter at the base and 4cm. at the rim.

The Poulmic was violently blown apart in the explosion and the remains are widely scattered in 15 – 20 meters of water. Divers have also found evidence of, at least, two other wrecks on the site. So, this is an area where you may find something different. Because of this, I cannot say whether my ‘find ‘is related to the Poulmic. I set out to try to find out.

The greenish, glass has a few air bubbles and a moulding line which does not extend over the rather heavy rim.  My research suggests that it was ‘Blown in Mould’, which puts it before 1905 so earlier than the Poulmic. The letters L & T are moulded into the bottom, which is slightly concave. I have not yet been able to trace a likely commercial glass blower.

It is reminiscent of an older version of the old school milk bottles, but they standardly took 1/3 pint while this takes under ¼ pint, in fact an imprecise amount. The glass is also thicker than would be used for milk or cream.

So, there you have it, something which looked ready for the recycling bin on a closer inspection suggests a bit of history…or am I just suffering from the usual diver’s optimistic view of anything brought up from the deep!

Any ideas anyone!

(Photograph of the Poulmic – The Wrecker’s Guide to South West Devon, P Mitchell. Sound Publications, 1986.)


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